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Experience Paradiso — Paradiso Parade Floats

2011 Rose Parade®—Sueños de California Design by Charles Meier

Experience Paradiso

Getting to Know You
Your goals and objectives drive our process. We work to cultivate a detailed understanding of who you are and what draws you to the Rose Parade®. Paradiso develops a float concept and branding strategy tailored especially to your needs.


Paradiso specializes in creative, show-stopping entries. Designer Charles Meier collaborates with clients on the development of each float concept, customizing each entry for maximum brand integration. Every design is fine-tuned to ensure it is artfully composed and lends itself to lush floral decoration. Every float built by Paradiso in the last five years has earned an award.


Paradisoʼs team of seasoned engineers, mechanics and sculptors ensures that your three-dimensional float looks exactly like the two-dimensional design. Your entry will be constructed in Paradisoʼs Irwindale workshop where you are always welcome.


Floral Design
Paradiso places more emphasis on fresh flowers than any other builder. The quality and quantity of flowers on our clientsʼ floats is unparalleled. We hand-select each decoration material to achieve the perfect color and texture for even the smallest details.


Paradisoʼs clients enjoy the premier location for float decoration – the Brookside Pavilion adjacent to the Rose Bowl® – the hub of pre-parade excitement. Paradisoʼs skilled team of supervisors and floral designers oversees hundreds of volunteer decorators. We encourage our clients to join us in building memories for a lifetime.