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Dreams Come True — Paradiso Parade Floats

Dreams Come True

February 1, 2014

Floats to Remember

The theme of the 2014 Rose Parade® was “Dreams Come True.” It couldn’t have been more appropriate for Paradiso. Both our clients won top awards for their creative and spectacular entries.


Public Storage’s lovable aliens garnered the Grand Marshal’s Trophy for “most creative concept and design.” This ground-breaking entry ushered in a new era in Rose Parade history. The design was the first-ever double-decker float. It also marked the first time a float disassembled and then reassembled itself during the parade. That surprising innovation earned rave reviews. As one spectator tweeted, “Public Storage just Beyoncéd the Rose Parade!! Best float evah!!”

Singpoli’s stunning “tianma,” or flying horses, won the Extraordinaire Trophy recognizing the “most spectacular entry in the parade.” The dramatic float glittered with classic elegance and exquisite floral design. Artfully sculpted horses soared over a village of ornate ancient architecture. The theatrical setting overflowed with tens of thousands of orchids, anthurium, protea, ginger, gloriosa lilies and a dense carpet of velvety red “Charlotte” roses.

Here at Paradiso we bring creative energy and flair for spectacle to every float we build. Just wait and see what we send down Colorado Boulevard in 2015!

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