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Construction is Well Underway — Paradiso Parade Floats

Construction is Well Underway

July 31, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


We often field phone calls in early December from enthusiastic parade fans that ask, “When will you start building the floats?”


While it does vary, with some floats being built in the spring and some as late as October and November, most floats take shape in the summer months.  As a Rose Parade  float builder, summer is truly one of our most exciting times of the year.  The warehouse is the hub of activity.  Sparks are flying and welders are humming as our construction team is busy turning  the two-dimensional sketches and schematics  into reality.


A replica of San Gabriel’s historic Grapevine arbor is taking shape in our warehouse this week.   This replica will be one of the main features of the City of San Gabriel float.


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